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Enabling Regenerative Agriculture: Getting Paid For Improving Soil Health, is a two-day virtual event that will be held on Zoom, November 10th and 17th at 5pm PST.

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This event is free, thanks to our generous sponsors and individual donors. If you can, please consider making a donation with your registration to help cover our operating costs and to support our future Carbon Sequestration Recognition and Incentive Pilot Program for Oregon Farmers project. Here are some suggestions:

  • Reward a farmer, rancher, or working landowner for sequestering 1 ton of CO2 into their healthy soil by donating $15.
  • Reward yourself for canceling an entire year of your carbon footprint, if in the United States, 16 tons at $15 per ton by donating: $240.
    • elsewhere (outside of U.S.); 4 tons at $15 per ton by donating $60.

Please join us for Day 2 by registering below. 

Day 2 - November 17th, 5pm - 7pm PST


  • “Enabling Regenerative Farming Practices; The Opportunities And Challenges Of Current Incentive Programs”
  • Q&A


  • KEYNOTE PRESENTER - Louisa Kiely, ”The Australian Carbon Sequestration Program”
  • “Measuring Soil Carbon And Off-Set Carbon Programs: Rules, And Access”
  • Q&A